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About the Troop

Troop 95 was Founded in 1970 with Westminster Presbyterian Church as our chartered organization. Our program is centered around creating fun, challenging, and rewarding youth-led adventures for all scouts.

As Baden-Powell intended with the Patrol Method, Troop 95 is entirely youth-led. This means that the youth research, plan, and execute their own adventures and rank advancements. Adult leadership supports this philosophy by ensuring safety and logistical needs are met which creates a safety net in case plans go awry. Troop 95 plans its program around exceeding the GOLD level of the BSA's Journey to Excellence award.

Our Leadership Team​

Chris Davis,

I never had the opportunity to be in scouts when I was a boy, but when my son was of age: I was all-in. He started as a Tiger Cub and I was his den leader through the whole path of Cub Scouts and my last 2.5 years there I was the Cubmaster.  My daughter has been in Girl Scouts since kindergarten. Our family really enjoys what scouts have to offer.

I am coming into a Troop of boys who are trained well and very capable of doing this all on their own. My role is to provide them with the tools and skills they need to run the troop, make sure they understand and follow through with the Scout Law & Oath, and lastly, be a good mentor and a positive role model for these boys.

Erik Hearne,
Assistant Scoutmaster

Since I came to Troop 95 as a youth in 2013, I have worked my way through the scouting program and its many adventures. I am excited to guide our scouts on new and bigger adventures than they ever thought possible.


·NYLT Assistant Course Director

·Woodbadge Assistant Course Director

·Unit Commissioner 

·Merit Badge Counselor

·Trained at the NorCal College of Commissioner Science

·IOLS Trainer

·Assistant Council Training Chair

I earned my Eagle Scout Rank on 08/23/16

I was inducted into Tah Heetch Lodge #195 in 2016

·Woodbadge W3-27-20

·NYLT Staff 2017-2019, 21, & 24.

·Woodbadge Staff W3-27-23 & W3-27-24

Bart Treis,
Advancement Chairman

Bart Treis is our advancment chairman and resident architect. He has Intro to Outdoor Leadership Skills training and is throughly skilled with an axe.

·Journey to Excellence Coordinator

·Summer Camp Coordinator

·Merit Badge Counselor

·High Adventure Program Assistant

Daffy Duck_edited.jpg
C. Allen, Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)

The senior patrol leader is the most senior elected youth in the troop. 

The SPL serves for a 6 month term and acts as the youth leader of the troop.

Frances Devins,
Assistant Scoutmaster

Frances Devins is an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable leader of scouts and scouters. 

She has worked tirelessly to ensure opportunities for all scouts to grow and succeed, and to facilitate district and council-level events. 

Frances embodies the scouting spirit and teaches our scouts to approach every challenge with a smile.


·Woodbadge Assistant Course Director

·NYLT Assistant Course Director

·Assistant Council Commissioner for Exploring Units

·Unit Commissioner

·Merit Badge Counselor

·San Joaquin Roundtable Commissioner for Scouts BSA Units

·Trained at the NorCal College of Commissioner Science

·Presenter at the NorCal College of Commissioner Science

·Recipient of the Silver Beaver Award for distinguished service to youth. 

Kevin Smith,
Assistant Scoutmaster

Kevin Smith is an experienced backpacker and adventurer known for his orienteering prowess. 

·Merit Badge Counselor

·High Adventure Program Coordinator

·Trained at BSA National Camping School

·Safety Afloat Coordinator

Rod Voss,
Chartered Organization Representative

Rod Voss has been our Chaplin and Church Liason for decades and has committed himself to years of dedicated service to youth and the Church. 

Rod is a jack of all trades in scouting and Eagle Projects... He knows a thing or two because he's seen a thing or two.

·Merit Badge Counselor

·Eagle Scout Project Advisor

·Eagle Scout Mentor

·Church Elder

Tammi Pennington,
Troop Committee Chairwoman

Tammi Pennington serves as our parent committee chairwoman. She chairs monthly committee meetings and ensures our program is aligned with BSA standards.


·Merit Badge Counselor

Roger Mortimer,
Troop Guide for New Scouting Families

Roger Mortimer welcomes new families to the troop and guides in the paperwork issues related to Scouting. He would love to bore you with details on backcountry gear and wilderness medicine. He recently completed Outdoor Leadership Skills training in 2024.

·Merit Badge Counselor

·High Adventure Program Subject Matter Expert

·Dutch Oven Chef


Previous Events


  • Monterrey Bay

  • Red Rock Canyon 

  • Pine Flat Reservoir 

  • Church Cleanup

  • Shaver Lake

  • Scout Sunday

  • 2 Eagle Courts

  • Camp Chawanakee

  • Halloween Party

  • Swimming Merit Badge Night

  • Knights of Columbus Food Drive

  • Christmas Tree Lane 


  • Camp Chawanakee

  • 3 Eagle Courts and Counting

  • Courtright Lake

  • Pine Flat Reservoir Service project

  • Halloween Party with Weblos

  • Church Cleanup Community Service

  • Red Rock 

  • Bass Lake

  • Aerozone​

  • Christmas Tree Lane


  • Huntington Lake Canoe Trip

  • Monterey Bay 

  • Moaning Caverns 

  • U.S.S Hornet 

  • Wind Wolf Preserve

  • Courtright Lake

  • Millerton Lake

  • Christmas Tree Lane

  • Camp Chawanakee 

  • Morro Bay

  • Holloween  Party with Weblos

  • Church Cleanup Community​


  • Tuttle Town

  • San Simion

  • Church Clean Up

  • Pinnacles

  • Millerton Lake

  • Huntington Lake

  • Camp Chawanakee

  • Pismo

  • Courtright Lake

  • San Joaquin River Gorge

  • Bass Lake

  • Christmas Tree Lane


  • San Joaquin River Gorge

  • Scout Council Office Clean Up

  • COVID =(


  • Tuttle Town

  • Montano de Oro

  • Pine Flat Lake

  • Camp Chawanakee

  • Monterey

  • Twin Lakes Backpacking

  • Big Sur

  • Red Rock Canyon State Park

  • Schmidt's Tunnel

  • Christmas Tree Lane


  • Sequoia National Park

  • Camp Chawanakee

  • Bass Lake

  • Tuttle town

  • USS Hornet

  • Christmas Tree Lane

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